The 2 cameras offer different viewpoints of Arrigunaga, which are refreshed every hour…

SNAP: These are snapshots or traditional photographs that give timely information about the characteristics of the study area but do not permit obtaining quantitative information.

Arrigunaga Snap 1Cámara 01 Arrigunaga Snap

Arrigunaga Snap 2Cámara 02 Arrigunaga Snap

TIMEX: These are the result of integrating 600 snapshots taken at 1-second intervals during 10-minute periods. These images afford quantitative information; as, for instance, the location of the coastline, sand bars, the intensity and direction of currents, etc.

Arrigunaga Timex 1Cámara 01 Arrigunaga Timex

Arrigunaga Timex 2Cámara 02 Arrigunaga Timex

RECTIFIED TIMEX: This image is achieved by converting the information obtained from the oblique images into a flat, metric image, using photogrammetry techniques. The video images from the different cameras are rectified and merged.

Imágenes rectificadas ARRIGUNAGAImágenes rectificadas Arrigunaga