Since September 2006, 4 Kosta Systems have been installed in the basque coast:

There are different types of stations: “Indoor” stations, “outdoor” systems, the outdoors ones placed on a building (Bakio) or placed on a mast (Zarautz).

Station design / resolution

The height of the station, the number of cameras, their resolution and the lens focal length that we employ define the size of the zone of interest and the precision of the video images.

This image shows the coverage and resolution in both longitudinal and transversal directions for a Kosta System station installed in Bakio. The station is placed at a height of 67 meters and is constituted of 5 cameras: 1 lense of 6mm, and 4 lenses of 12 mm. In this configuration, the transversal resolution 1km from the station is around 0.4 meter and the longitudinal resolution is around 5 meters.